About Us

"The Atlantic Slave Trade Was The Largest Forced Migration in World History”

Harriet Tubman

AAMMCAC’s vision is to use the rare Sable Images collection of A-A memorabilia as an approach to motivate “change agents” for a “family first” mindset movement with a focus on disenfranchised families to transcend with intellectual minds and to shift into a productive lifestyle.

The purpose of creating a museum is to bring forth cultural enlightenment, to enrich Black consciousness, and inspire a deeper education for truth and heritage appreciation.   The museum will display stories of cultural struggles and triumph, the Black holocaust and its intergenerational post-traumatic enslavement effects. This evidence acknowledges, inspires and educates museum participants on A-A brilliance and resilience.

AAMMCAC’s objectives are to provide a comprehensive cultural environment to include:

  •  A-A artifacts and retrospective art,
  •  Sharing extraordinary “truth” through online media platforms,
  •  Offering traveling educational heritage enrichment programs, and
  •  Showing communities and the world untold stories through uncensored portrayals and depictions of African descendants.

AAMMCAC’s dramatic, unapologetic exhibit of Black memorabilia will:  1) uncover the unspoken and undocumented parts of history, and 2) “DISCOVER, REVEAL, SHARE and INSPIRE” pertinent contributions that have been omitted from America’s educational system.

AAMMCAC seeks to:

  • Become a top leading non-profit organization preserving A-A culture and contributions
  • Render a selfless public service to those within a depressed community and to become an educational leader of A-A culture while promoting ideals of empowerment
  • Secure sufficient seed funding to launch AAMMCAC’s Online Museum at a minimum of a five-year operation
  • Secure strategic partnerships to strengthen brand and deepen market penetration
  • Establish incentives and/or campaigns to engage educational institutions for students to utilize AAMMCAC as a learning source
  • Launch scalable branded vehicles (fundraiser events and products) to measure community impact, yet tailored to render support for students, disenfranchised individuals and families of color while providing experiences of empowerment
  • Develop a strong board of directors to offer guidance and consultation for fundraising efforts and operational management.

AAMMCAC’s mission is to:
(1)  Reveal the true historical record of struggles of African Americans,
(2)  Expose  the  malignant  treatment and  benign neglect  to  ensure  it  is  not  repeated,
(3)  Unveil the cultural, economic, political and social contributions by African Americans
(4) Create Inspiration to Find Ancestral Truth
(5)  Induce heritage recognition and appreciation, and
(6)  Promote ethnic/racial respect and tolerance.

African-Americans owe it to Black ancestors/forefathers and to the sacrifices they made, to continue to achieve higher goals while maintaining cultural identity. Even in the midst of enslavement, the worst struggles, African forefathers knew that part of advancement and growth began with a sound education.  America’s history cannot be reversed, swept under the rug or sugar coated. We must give recognition to Black forefathers for all that they endured. It is imperative that people understand that enslavement trauma can be passed generationally through families.



AMMCAC will share artifacts, pictorial images, and documents to create inspiration to want to learn more.

AAMMCAC will be dedicated to collecting and preserving artifacts that will provide a broad look at the moral and material culture that has grown out of a history of racial perceptions and misperceptions in America and around the world. A key characteristic that the organization will reflect in its value is “empowerment.” Culturally relevant teaching will be used to empower participants, giving them opportunities to excel in the classroom and beyond. Empowerment translates into academic competence, personal confidence, courage, and the will to act. The guiding principles for the museum and all activities will be executed with the empowerment philosophy in mind, yet avoid influencing attendees on “what to think”(perpetuating racism or discriminatory behavior), but to encourage and inspire them; how to think, to research, recognize, and respect.

AAMMCAC will strive to preserve the cultivation and contributions of A-A’s to America’s wealth development.

AAMMCAC will maintain strategic planning for researching and will establish foundation implementation with characteristics of culturally relevant teaching. The mission is to allow all people the opportunity to feel a part of not just Black history, but America’s history.


AAMMCAC seeks to help youth through the environmentally treacherous challenges, by enriched ancestral education and heightened cultural consciousness.  AAMMCAC aims to manifest its mission through three platforms:

(1) AAMMCAC (Online): a cutting-edge website featuring educational interactive games, celebrity voiceovers, chat rooms, consumable media and virtual reality (VR) experiences;

(2) AAMMCAC (Mobile): traveling nationwide and internationally to exhibit precious artifacts displayed with a thematic support along with a high empowering spirited presentation. In addition, AAMMCAC will offer the rental of priceless artifacts through the BLACK MEMORABILIA TRAVELING EXHIBITION;

(3) AAMMCAC (Physical Museum): a location preferably in Los Angeles, featuring local vendors and community resources to support empowerment and cultural enrichment. Exposing incomplete truth, omitted information and miss-education through the educational system,


AAMMCAC seeks to provide an invaluable service to the community to successfully address a long overdue cultural awareness need by the:

  1. Preservation of A-A culture and artifacts that will serve as an alternative teaching tool.
  2. Importance of mentorship and illustration of behaviors and norms reflected throughout the history of an A-A experience.
  3. Ability to face obstacles with tenacity and ingenuity as reflected by the historical accounts of the A-A heritage.
  4. Ability to create a safe and empowering space for A-As and people of color to create self-sufficiency and edification through an array of culturally and self-enriching activities and workshops.
  5. Expansion of the economic community through commerce, expansion of services, job creation, job training, and sustainable businesses through a “village/flee market” approach.                                                AAMMCAC intends to accelerate platforms to improve the ideals of family reunification, personal empowerment and ancestral education by exposing a rare collection that depicts the rich history of A-As and their contributions to the United States of America.