Museum Gallery

African-American Memorabilia

AAMMCAC aims to manifest its mission through a collection that stems back 400 years with antiques, vintage collectibles, and reproductions. It is comprised of ethnic artifacts and historical materials; displaying untold experiences. This pictorial record is evidence that acknowledges, inspires and educates community participants regarding America’s history.

The incredible collection is comprised of memorabilia on slavery, military, music, sports, entertainment, civil war, Jim Crow, tobacco, political, and folk art. Artifacts amassed include: historical/slave documents, advertisements, authentic shackles/restraints, newspapers, books, magazines, photographs, sheet music, records/albums, signs/posters, containers, statues/figurines, cookie jars, salt and pepper shakers, 1800’s currency, post cards, ethnocentric tablecloths/towels, iron banks, dolls/toys/games, lawn jockeys, humidors, lithographic art, jewelry, and other heritage artifacts.


Our Lastest Additions